What do you need?

  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • a laminating machine ( in the Netherlands you can buy one for €11,00 at the ACTION)
  • laminating sheets
  • a perforator
  • The letters: M-R-S with thanks to Sonnet @


What to do?

  • cut out the letters from Sonnet.
  • put the letters in the laminating sheets. M-R will fit in one sheet and M-R-S in the other
  • cut the letters out. You can put them individually through the laminator again.
  • make two holes in each letter and pull the ribbon through.
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Atmospheres Tents & Events is a family business. We rent out different sized multifunctional Dome Tents for weddings/ parties/business events and festivals. At night the Dome Tents can be lit up or projected upon which gives the event a unique atmosphere.

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