Having a party…

Sound & Light

in the Domes or maybe at another location? If you are in need of a professional sound system and lighting see below what we can offer you. Feel free to contact Simon Melia for individual prices and further details. +31(0)6 41 37 11 47

The Dome sound and lighting equipment includes:


  • 1x Dynachord P5 Soundsystem
  • 4x subs (2 have dnb inside!)
  • 2x tops
  •  1x 2600w amp with crossover built in
  • 1x Tapco (mackie) 15inch powered monitor… (for DJs)
  • 1x Allen and Heath Desk   22 channel
  • 1x 24/8 channel loom 30m.
  • 20x xlr cable various lengths
  • 1x drum mic set (shure PG  6 piece set )
  • 3x hand held mics plus stands (sm 58)
  • 4x 20m power cable with 16amp connectors
  • Various D.I. boxes


  • 10x led pars with desk for control +10 xlr cables +power
  • 2x stands plus crossbar for pars included
  • 1 x Beamer & Over head  attachment for crossbar
  • 30 metres VGA & 30 metres Composite cables
  • LED Par (light strip that changes colour) with controller
  • Sparkler Light (throws light patterns around, similar to the effects of a ‘Disco Ball’)

Price : €500,- (excl. 21% VAT)

NB: DJ Equipment that can be arranged upon request ( not included in the price above)

  • 2 x Pioneer DVJ1000
  • 2 x Technics SL1200s turntables