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I remember my wedding weekend passing by so quickly but it can be a long day or weekend for your guests,  and you don’t want your guest to get bored or be drinking all day. So what do you do?

GAMES of course!!! ( It might be a good idea to ask a friend or two to be master of games. They can get everything ready and cheer everybody on)

Here are some games we played at our wedding and some we just didn’t get round to doing but you might like:



Everybody had a go with this GAME at our wedding, even Aunty Yvonne.

What do you need? 1 welly and some sticks or stones to mark the spot where the welly lands (you’ll find these at your outside location) or if you want to be precise maybe a measuring tape.

Rules?: the one who throws the furthest WINS the game.



What do you need? toilet-paper, maybe the stopwatch on your phone.

Rules?:We made 4 teams ( you could make more teams or repeat the game with new teams). 1 person of each team had to be a ” Bride” and the other 2/3 dressed the “Bride” with toilet-paper. They had about 1 to 2 minutes to make a lovely toilet-paper wedding-dress. We decided with the other guests by clapping/cheering who had won. And as you can see above this is not only a game for girls but the boys can join in as well!


What do you need? I had a little rubber heart but you could use a tennis ball.

Rules?: Stand in a circle with the guests that want to join in. Pass the ball between your chin and chest to the person standing on your left and don’t use your hands. If you drop it or touch the heart/ball with your hands you’re out. The last two that are left WIN!!

SACK-RACE combined with the EGG & SPOON RACE

Two classic games combined and it’s very funny seeing your guests dressed up, hopping around.

What do you need? 2 sacks ( you can buy them in the Netherlands around Sinterklaas time or you could make your own with jute or hire them from us at Atmospheres Tents & Events) and two spoons with a few hard boiled eggs

Rules?:  Make two teams. The girls against the boys or the him and her side. Split each team in half and have one half waiting at the other point. One half hops against each other from one point to another. Then the other half  takes over and walks/run back with an egg on a spoon.  The team who finishes first WINS!!

These are a few ideas but you can also hire some games from Atmospheres Tents & Events. Click on prices and you’ll find our games.


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